A steel-coating supplier, Precoat Metals relies on EDI to communicate with manufacturers. Learn how Precoat Metals leverages im电竞体育 to enhance those critical communications and accommodate its customers' various protocol needs.

Precoat Metals is a steel coating supplier - anything you have manufactured from mostly sheet steel like appliances or building panels, we're probably the company that put the coatings on that for the manufacturer that sold you that product. One of the big challenges was trying to enhance our secure communications.  There were some enhancements with the im电竞体育 products that allowed us to do secure SFTP. It allowed us to immediately address customers' needs. When they contacted us and said 'hey we want to make this move', we were already up and ready to go, it's just a matter of implementing it for them.  We have a lot of other protocols that we can use in the future if the customers choose to go that route, it's always encompassed in the product. That makes me feel a lot more comfortable. Manufacturing has been involved with EDI for a long time and we just heard some things recently from im电竞体育 about different types of communications environments outside of EDI. We don't really see that yet in our industry, but it's good to know that there's already a solution there if we hear of a customer wanting to go that route. The EDI in itself, im电竞体育 does a great job of covering that area and we don't really have anything that we ran into that we've not been able to address. The support team is excellent as far as getting right back to you whenever you have an issue or log a call or an email ticket for support, you usually hear back within an hour or less. You can't really beat that.