Hey everyone, thanks for taking a few minutes to take a quick look at how im电竞体育 Integration Cloud helps eliminate manual integrations, as well as automate integrations into your entire ecosystem.

When we say entire ecosystem, we're talking about both your enterprise ecosystem, which would be consisting of you know maybe on-premise systems, ERPs, TMS', as well as cloud-based applications that you might as part of your back-end processing, as well as trading partners on the right-hand side, looking at eCommerce platforms or potentially on some other visibility platforms right?

Whatever applications you're talking about that you use today for your business. 

We help you stitch it all together with a single platform and when we say ecosystem enablement, we are talking about providing both the technical data movement, as well as visibility, end-to-end visibility that allows you to see the technical transactions, as well as gain valuable business insight into that data as it's being transformed and passed through the cloud. 

So, when we start taking a look at what we have we're going to take a look at the CIC cockpit. And as I switch over to the Cockpit, you can see here that this is we've got our standard dashboards. This can be really whatever is valuable to you guys. 

So, what we're looking at is I've got some different document types and some different graphs here, but when we start looking at the business value and really the end-to-end visibility we're talking about being able to consume the information and be able to provide that business value, so as you can see, we have these different tiles that are showing different invoices, as well as some very unique data about those invoices. 

So, when I click down into one of these invoices right, so this information is gathered as that data is passing through the cloud and being transformed whether that be from an API, a call that we've pulled the data in, or an EDI document that's being submitted by a trading partner. 

So, here we have the ability to grab whatever sort of information out of that data and populate it up to the cockpit and from a visibility perspective, you're able to see not just this one document itself right? If we searched by that one document, but we're able to see on the left-hand side with our trip-it view
all of the subsequent documents and previous documents as part of this document lifecycle.

So, we know that this invoice had a couple of other documents with it: a purchase order, acknowledgment, it could be a load tender to invoice, with uh you know different load tender statuses or other documents associated with your process.

So, as part of this right that business flow and the technical flow you're able to gather all that information in the same screen, so at the top really is more of the business flow here, but when we start looking down here you're able to gather that business-level information being able to see where the document originated.

It was transformed successfully and it was sent out to a trading partner. So, when we start looking at being able to leverage all of this information you're able to reduce.

You know your error handling times.

You're able to empower your customer service reps to be more to be more efficient and increasing customer service and customer satisfaction.

So, when we take a different look at it right when we start looking at it from a holistic perspective if we go back to the messages right we can look at all the transactions that are happening in the system.

So, we're able to gather information about everything, whether it be good or bad, something that's happened.

Right, we're able to get that information from a single place, and if I wanted to drill down into some of that information...

Let's say maybe I wanted to go look for a specific trading partner, if I wanted to go look at let's say amazon for example.

I can filter by my trading partner. I can see all of the orders that have come in from Amazon today
and in this particular case, we're using our API integration to go fetch information from Amazon and we're pulling that information in.

You can see here that we've gathered some technical data around what specifically the order contains and I can drill down into this tile and look at and see a little more information about what we've captured.

Now, again this is up to you guys and is customizable as to what information is provided to us.

We can populate it here, but again you can also see at the bottom a technical view of,

"Hey we reached out to this amazon marketplace, we transformed this data for our back-end ERP and delivered it to the backend system.

So, the beauty of all of this is that we can actually get even deeper down into that message and provide real visibility from a trading partner perspective.

We can see that,

"Hey this has been delivered on the back inside, but if we want to look at we can actually grab the technical payload from this document and see this is the actual order information from an API perspective that was delivered."

So, in summary really what we're talking about doing is really eliminating a lot of these manual processes because what we've seen in the past is people build these custom flows.

When we start looking at these types of integrations they build a technical flow and plug it in and they are able to achieve getting the data in, but it's a manual process.

And that is not one that you want to maintain over time because, as we've seen right with the growth of e-commerce.

It can quickly become unmanageable to try and get all that information or have a human enter that right because then it becomes an error problem, so you really need an automated approach to be able to plug in and pull that data, transform it accurately, and plug it in with visibility, so that you know if
something goes wrong.

So, the idea behind what im电竞体育 's providing is into visibility and allowing you to eliminate all of the complexities around the different types of integrations that you guys need for your business today.

Thanks again.

We'll talk to you soon


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