Learn about Common EDI Transactions

EDI transactions are used by business trading partners to exchange documents in a standardized format, allowing for automation and streamlining of purchase orders, invoices, acknowledgments, payments, and more. 



What is an  EDI 863 Report of Test Results ?

The EDI 863 Report of Test Results transmits the results of tests performed to satisfy a specified product or process requirement. 

How is an  EDI 863 Report of Test Results used ?

An EDI 863 Report of Test Results is used to send test results which are performed for satisfying the requirements of a specific product or process. It further transmits the test data to the concerned party. Test results include, but not limited to: 

  • Inspection data

  • Certification data

  • Statistical process control measurements

After the EDI 863 Report of Test Results is received by the seller, an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment is sent back indicating that the EDI 863 Report of Test Results was successfully received.

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