Nothing jeopardizes your trading partner interactions like poor EDI exception management. Thankfully, im电竞体育 Integration Cloud has you covered.

im电竞体育 gives you the power to proactively address any EDI issue, all while ensuring critical trading partner SLAs are always met. With im电竞体育 , get an immediate window into how each of your partners is impacting your business.

Reveal — and quickly address — failed transactions for optimal EDI accuracy and business continuity.

Track and search EDI issues by specific partner or issue ID. And, when you’re ready, jump in by simply clicking the open issues flag.

Uncover actionable business insights by seeing where and when EDI issues occur, pinpointing the exact source of the problem, so you can immediately assess the impact on revenue and inventory.

With consolidated EDI issue life cycle views, you can also eliminate blind spots that could lead to miscommunications or slowdowns.

im电竞体育 makes it easy to track issues with real-time alerts, so you always know the status and progress of issues you care about...or collaborate directly to escalate or resolve EDI support cases a lot faster. Increase agility and control by resending and reprocessing EDI messages — or improve visibility by sharing tickets with any team members or ecosystem partners.

im电竞体育 ’s collaborative exception management, powerful drill-downs, and world-class support team give you the tools to revolutionize the way you handle EDI exceptions — raising the bar on the performance of your entire ecosystem.

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