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Easily connect to your trading partners and quickly exchange EDI documents. im电竞体育 's AS2 integration software powers your business exchanges and securely facilitates data exchanges with your customers, suppliers, and partners. Streamline your AS2 EDI with one secure and scalable solution.


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PLUS learn how to set up AS2 connections with ease.

Express: The Most Trusted AS2 EDI Software

AS2, FTP, SFTP all in one place in the cloud so that you reduce costs, consolidate infrastructure, and improve operations and productivity.

  • Automate critical file-based processes with every trading partner
  • Reduce manual touchpoints such as rekeying of documents
  • Accelerate your cash cycle and eliminate errors 

 The AS2 protocol offers end-to-end data encryption,SSL encryption, and hashing.


 An AS2 link allows you to legally prove transaction details, confirmations, and send MDNs.



    AS2 integration allows large file transfer and any data type including non-EDI payloads.


    Our AS2 software is extremely cost-effective because transmissions take place via the internet and because the AS2 documentation can be used almost everywhere.

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    AS2 - FTP - SFTP in the Cloud

    Express Has Redefined Data Movement

    Robust Cloud Protocols
    Robust Cloud Protocols

    Power your data movement needs with AS2, FTP/S , SFTP all in one place.

    Partner Mailbox

    Standardize order capture with any file/format, self-managed, person-to-system integration capabilities.

    End-to-End Integration Visibility
    End-to-End Visibility

    Get actionable insights, real-time operational views & audit trails via a modern UX.

    Simplify & Automate your File Transfer Processes

    With the introduction of Express, data movement is just a few clicks away. Launch AS2 endpoints  5x faster than competing solutions on an intuitive browser-based interface.

    Simplify & automate your file transfer processes

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    Discover how you can streamline end-to-end connectivity between your trading partners & internal systems with our award-winning AS2 connector file transfer software.

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    An Overview of the AS2 Protocol

    To enable an AS2 connection you need two computers, a server and a client. Establishing a connection requires that both computers connect to the Internet via a point-to-point connection. In order to transmit the desired data, AS2 creates an ‘envelope’ that mebeds secure transmission via the Internet using a combination of digital certificates and encryption. Want to understand EDI and AS2? This piece will help you learn the answer to questions like "What is AS2 EDI?"

    Message Disposition Notification (MDN) is an electronic acknowledgement of the successful reception of an AS2 transfer. MDNs are sent to the sender via AS2 after an electronic message has been sent, confirming that the message has been transmitted completely.
    The MDN mainly checks two important events:

    1. Whether the AS2 transfer was successfully completed
    2. The message arrived at the desired recipient without change

    Here is the 5 step process for establishing an AS2 MDN connection:

    1. The sender sends an encrypted EDI message with digital signature to the desired recipient
    2. Transmission of the EDI message over the Internet via AS2 (sending of the message)
    3. The message is decrypted by the recipient and the digital signature of the sender is verified
    4. The recipient prepares the requested MDN and applies a digital signature. It is then sent back to the sender
    5. The sender receives the MDN, verfying the digital signature of the recipient

    Global Location Number (GLN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies a company. Many large companies rely on the use of GLN numbers to prevent confusion between companies.

    The GLN numbers are assigned by GS1, a central government agency, ensuring that no GLN number is assigned twice.

    The AS2 procotol was developed in the U.S. by the Uniform Code Council (UCC). Much of the success of AS2 certification exchange has been seen in America, notably in the retail sector.

    A large influence behind the adoption of AS2 was in 2002 when retail giant Walmart mandated its 10,000 suppliers use AS2 EDI to exchange data.

    Today, AS2 encryption is used widely across a large number of industries.

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